We expect all students to arrive at school properly equipped to learn. The following are our minimum expectations of what each student should bring:

Expected Items

  • A school bag, large enough to hold A4 folders and books without folding
  • Black pen (more than one is advised)
  • Green pen for responding to marking
  • HB pencil (a range of other grades may be useful)
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Soft Rubber
  • 30 cm Ruler
  • Basic Geometry Set
  • Scientific calculator
  • English dictionary (provided by the school on induction day)
  • Reading book (from home or the school library)​

We also recommend that students bring a set of coloured pencils and, for those studying French, an Oxford/Collins French dictionary.

Mobile Phones

We appreciate that mobile phones are useful for safety on the way to and from school, but they must be switched off and stored safely whilst students are on school premises.

Phones and other devices should not be used in school at any time.  

If it is necessary to confiscate a mobile phone or device, parents may be telephoned and asked to collect it from the main school office. 

The school accepts no responsibility for the safety and security of any mobile telephones, tablets, laptops or any other such devices that a student brings on to the school premises.