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26 March 2021

A Truly Remarkable Term

Without doubt this has been a truly remarkable term. Since Christmas we have seen our students produce some incredible work and apply a level of maturity to the situation they find themselves in, to the extent that we as a community could learn from their example.

Young people are resilient, pragmatic and independent, skills that any employer would be keen to appoint. So perhaps throughout the course of this year it is not the excellent piece of English work we should celebrate, but the bigger picture. Our young people have endured relentless change and have come out as champions and we should all be proud of them.

In his book Happy, Derren Brown says that we have to accept that whatever is out of our control is fine and that we should focus on what we can control. He says if we don’t do that, we will live a life of frustration. He goes further and says there are two things that are in our control that we should focus on: to fight your cause and to do your best to change the world. We cannot control the vaccination programme, the decisions on exams, the R rate, government policy, when lockdown will finally end, or the decisions on testing.

We CAN control the contact we have with our students, the way we are helping them learn, the support given to staff, the narrative we are giving students and also look after ourselves so we can continue to lead. We can control our bedtime, our rest time, our screen time, our thinking time. If we don’t control that, then who does? And this is a lesson for us all. Identifying what is in our hands and taking control, confidently navigating through decision making that we own empowers us all.

As we reflect one year on from the first period of national lockdown, we should all take strength from our turbulent journey. A journey where we could not control the wind, but had firm control of our sails.

I wish you and your family a restful Easter period and look forward to welcoming all students back on Monday 12 April (week B).

Kind regards 


Fiona Pierson




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