Our highly experienced Learning Support team offers support and advice to students with learning difficulties and to their families. Whilst recognising that ‘all teachers are teachers of pupils with Special Educational Needs’ where appropriate we withdraw students with additional or higher level needs to put individually tailored programmes into place – ranging from structured literacy and numeracy support to social and emotional skills based interventions.

Staff across the school are committed to promoting inclusion and independent learning alongside classroom support. Students’ learning difficulties are identified through close liaison with previous schools as well as curriculum assessment or diagnostic testing by the SENCO or external professionals. Assessment is used to inform SEND ‘One Plans’, which are regularly monitored and reviewed by departmental staff and families as we firmly believe that, by working together, your child can achieve more.

We also strive to ensure that our school site and curriculum are fully accessible for students with physical impairments. Our site is accessible for wheelchair users, with lift access to both of our first-floor facilities and we have a range of support available for students with sensory impairments.

Special Education Needs Coordinator: Julie Coe – [email protected]

For more information on our SEND provision, please see our SEND Policy/Report and Accessibility Plan below: