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Local Buses 


Students and parents should note that the bus services which operate to and from the school are public routes and are not under contract to the school. We therefore have no control over their timings, punctuality or routes.


At present the 16 and 16a services operated by Hedingham Buses stop outside the school in the morning and afternoon. Timetables for these routes can be found on the Hedingham website, here.

Students may also walk into the town where a full range of bus services and routes are available. Discounts are available for students regularly using the Arriva services from town. Please see for more information on this discount scheme.

Essex County Council may provide eligible students with a bus pass.  An application form can be obtained by emailing or alternatively you can ring 0845 603 2200 and ask to speak to the Education Transport and Awards Team for further information.



Students who choose to cycle to school should enter and exit via the pedestrian exit and leave their bike in the covered area. They should also bring a lock for their bike, wear an appropriate safety helmet and have lights for the dark evenings.


Sheepen Road gets very congested before and after school and parents are strongly advised not to pick-up or drop-off students directly outside the school. The school car park must also not be used a drop-off or pick-up point, other than for disabled users. Parking restrictions are in force on Sheepen Road and parents should take care to park away from the restricted areas and ensure that they are not impeding traffic.


The school supports the Clean Air for Colchester project and strongly encourages any parents who are waiting on Sheepen Road in their cars to ensure their engines are switched off.

The school gates are locked from 2.55pm until 3.15pm to protect pedestrians from crossing traffic.

On Foot 

Students who walk to school should enter the school via the West entrance. They may exit using the West entrance or the Play Football path.  



As of January 2019, our school day operates on the following times:

08:30 Warning Bell

08:35 Registration & Tutor Time

09:00 Period 1

10:00 Period 2

11:00 Break

11:20 Warning Bell

11:25 Period 3

12:25 Period 4

13:25 Lunch

14:00 Warning Bell

14:05 Period 5

15:05 End of School

Groupcall Messenger

Groupcall Messenger gives the school the ability to send text messages, emails and automated messages to parents.  This enables us to improve the reliability of communication reaching home.  
Parents supplying both an email address and mobile number can expect to receive copies of school letters via email, along with email alerts relating to important school information.  Additionally, they can expect to receive mobile text messages when urgent information needs to be passed on, such as bad weather closures.  
Parents unable to supply an email address but who supply a mobile phone number can expect to receive text alerts that a letter has been issued, which can then be downloaded from the school website here. They can also expect text messages for important or urgent school information.  

Go4Schools - Termly Updates on Academic Performance, Effort and Attendance

We operate an electronic reporting and assessment system using Go4Schools. The system has been designed to provide parents with termly information about their child’s attendance and grades. Go4Schools is accessible on any device which can access the internet, including smartphones and tablets with a mobile connection; there is no need for a computer or fixed internet connection at home.
Each half-term for Years 9-11 and each term for Years 7-8, a 'current' grade will be reported, indicating the grade each student is working at in each subject. Each grade can be compared against the 'target' grade which is set for each student in each subject, each year. An 'effort' grade will also be reported, to help parents determine whether their child is working to their full ability in each subject. A summary of attendance is also shown. 


For more information on what the grades mean and the dates they will be reported, please see the Parental Reporting Information document in our Quick Links section.

Class Charts - Daily Updates on Effort, Behaviour & Homework


From November 2018, we use Class Charts to share information about students' behaviour and effort, including any debit points and credit points issued. This information is updated 'live' during the day so parents can have a complete and up to date picture of how their child is getting on at any point in time.


Teachers also use Class Charts to set homework tasks and record whether homework has been completed, allowing parents to see what homework is due and check any tasks which have not been done.


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