Uniform & Equipment

Our  Dress  Code


We expect all students to arrive at school properly equipped to learn. The following are our minimum expectations of what each student should bring:

Expected Items

A school bag, large enough to hold A4 folders and books without folding


Black pen (more than one is advised)


Green pen for responding to marking


HB pencil (a range of other grades may be useful)


Pencil Sharpener 

Soft Rubber 

30 cm Ruler

Basic Geometry Set


Scientific calculator


English dictionary (provided by the school on induction day)


Reading book (from home or the school library)

We also recommend that students bring a set of coloured pencils and, for those studying French, an Oxford/Collins French dictionary. 


Mobile Phones

We appreciate that mobile phones are useful for safety on the way to and from school, but they must be switched off and stored safely whilst students are on school premises.

Phones and other devices should not be used in school at any time.
If it is necessary to confiscate a mobile phone or device, parents may be telephoned and asked to collect it from the main school office. 

The school accepts no responsibility for the safety and security of any mobile telephones, tablets, laptops or any other such devices that a student brings on to the school premises.


Uniform Items

St Helena School navy blazer with logo. A girls’ version of the blazer is available if preferred 


St Helena School tie 


Plain harrow or graphite grey traditional school trousers (non-stretch material). Jeans, skinny trousers, leggings, tapered trousers, chinos and flares are NOT acceptable.  As a guide: trousers should be tailored, the leg width remaining the same from hip to ankle. The width of the ankle should not be less than 18cm in diameter.


Girls have the option to wear the St Helena School harrow grey school skirt with logo. Skirts should be of knee length. Gypsy, ra-ra, high waisted, stretch-pencil and pleated skirts are not permitted.  
Long or short-sleeved plain white shirt with traditional collar buttoned to the top.   


Harrow or graphite grey tights or socks 


Traditional black low-heel shoes. Trainers, trainer style shoes, boots, canvas shoes, sandals and pumps are not suitable footwear. 


A suitable outdoor coat for wearing to and from school. Hoodies, leather jackets and denim jackets are not permitted.

Girls who start with us from September 2020 will have the option to wear St Helena School grey culottes with logo or Plain harrow or graphite grey traditional school trousers (non-stretch material) They are not permitted to wear a skirt. 

Optional: St Helena School blue jumper with turquoise blue strip  

PE Kit

Navy & turquoise polo shirt with logo  

Navy shorts with white piping 

Navy & turquoise reversible rugby top (boys only) 

Navy sports socks with turquoise lettering 


Optional: St Helena School navy & turquoise sweat top  

Optional: Football boots (boys only)



Only discreet make-up and nail varnish are allowed. 


Headscarves in school colours (blue or grey) may only be worn for religious or medical reasons.  All other hair accessories must be discreet and in school colours.   


Hats are not to be worn in school; coat hoods are not to be worn up. 


The only jewellery allowed is one set of studs, one ring and a watch. Tongue/nose studs, ear stretchers or any facial or body piercings are not allowed. Jewellery that is not allowed may be confiscated, or students will be expected to cover facial piercings or permitted to wear a clear retainer 

The only exceptions made for footwear rules will be where students have a current medical note. Where students are in breach of any of the uniform rules, they may be placed in the school’s Isolation Room. 

The Headteacher will be the final arbiter on all uniform issues. The school reserves the right to make changes to the uniform outlined above.  Parents will be notified via the school website. 

Purchasing Uniform

Details of uniform pricing for boys and girls can be found here.

Uniform can be purchased using the following link:


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