“One reason people succeed is that they have knowledge that other people don’t”
Tony Robbins

At St Helena School we strive to ensure our students leave us with both the tools and knowledge to enter the world of work.
That they possess qualities such as determination, resilience, and independence which will further enhance their life chances.

Our curriculum offers both technical and academic qualifications that link directly to opportunities post-16.

For advice or guidance please contact one of the team below.

The Team

Will Heard : Careers Lead

Will Heard

Careers Lead

will.heard@sth.school 01206 572253
Lisa Copeland : Careers Coordinator

Lisa Copeland

Careers Coordinator

lisa.copeland@sth.school 01206 572253
Laura Eaves : Directions Careers Adviser

Laura Eaves

Directions Careers Adviser

careers@sth.school 01206 572253
Paige Veitch : Careers Champion

Paige Veitch

Careers Champion

paige.veitch@sth.school 01206 572253
Rosie Emmins : Careers Champion

Rosie Emmins

Careers Champion

rosie.emmins@sth.school 01206 572253

Careers Programme Website

Careers Policy Website


CEIAG Information

We measure the success of our CEIAG programme via feedback from parents on any aspects of the CEIAG programme to the Careers Co-ordinator and Careers Lead – both of these staff attend Parents’ Evenings.

Additional feedback is gathered from students annually regarding the quality of the CEIAG they receive. to  Additional feedback is gathered from all stakeholders annually regarding the quality of the CEIAG they receive.

Each year in the Autumn Term we confirm the number of NEET students, who have not yet accessed further education via a full-time education provision or an apprenticeship, in line with legal requirements. 

The September Guarantee

The September Guarantee is a guarantee of an offer, made by the end of September, of an appropriate place in post-16 education or training for every young person completing compulsory education.

Ensuring that every young person has an offer of a place to progress is particularly important as it helps young people make a seamless transition into post-16 learning or employment with training.

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